When you embark on the Dukan Diet, it is very important to follow the rules absolutely to the letter during the Attack Phase. This phase sets you into orbit; it is short and has to be done in one single go without any deviation.

As soon as you get into the Cruise Phase (where you alternate protein only and protein and vegetable days), lapses from the diet such as social commitments and dining out are often unavoidable.

Keep them to a minimum and try to reduce any damage by feeding yourself with protein-rich foods and vegetables wherever you go.

If you go overboard at any time, don't panic, just get back on track where you left off.

If, at any time during Cruise, you find your weight-loss tailing off, or if during Consolidation and Stabilisation the weight creeps back, try these emergency tactics:
* Four days back on Attack
* Restrict salt intake (to reduce the risk of water retention)
* Upping water intake to 2 litres per day (to flush through the kidneys)
* Get more sleep
* Above all walk for 60 minutes a day for four days. This sudden dose of exercise will confuse the body and jolt it out of stagnation.


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